Preloved Device is innovation in Certified Refurbished Device category for Indian eCommerce industry with expertise in Refurbishment of Electronics Devices into B2C business of electronics devices. We understand consumer pulse and present devices to serve the technology at affordable price in order to fulfill the needs of Indian consumer.

Preloved Device is committed to provide best of consumer experience devices at affordable price and Bridge the gap between Desirability & Affordability .

Core Team

Yogesh Bhatia


He carries 23 years of experience, Hailing from Karnal in Haryana, he is a veteran in Distribution & B2B Industry. Worked as Regional and National Distributor for Brands numerous brands in the following sectors: FMCG: Stationery ,IT & Tablets ,Appliances, Mobiles: Launched own Brand in Feature Phone and Mobile accessories in the Name of “DETEL” in 2016 and “Worlds most Economical Feature phone in 2017.

Sanjeev Soni

Vertical Head

A multi-dimensional & dynamic professional with 23 years industry veteran with experience in Retail, Distribution, E-commerce & Omni channel Operations Management. Worked across various product lines in the IT & Telecom space in India & Dubai, & North America .

Munish Jindal

VP - Technology

Head Detel -He is Veteran in Inventory Management and Supply Chain Management, Brings his 24 years of Experience in Indian and MNC companies. Ex Beetel